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Streaming and Discovery Sites

Getting your songs playlisted.

Verify your profile

Spotify and Apple Music allow you to verify your profile on their platform. Once you hit a certain follower count, most streaming services allow you to verify your profile, which makes curators much more likely to take a look at your music. 

Gain more followers

The more followers you have, the more serious your profile appears. Be sure to ask all of your friends and family to follow you on their preferred streaming platform, and share your music and events on social media frequently.

Boost your online presence

Being completely visible online is important for curators to be able to easily learn more about you. Maintain a professional website, and professional social media pages on as many platforms as possible. Take any opportunities you find to get your name out across the web.

Interact with playlists you love

Find playlists that match your musical style, and that have music you like. Share, comment, follow from your professional account, and keep up with these playlists. This will show curators that you are interested in their music, and can help you to create an informed introduction. 

Pitch to curators

Curators are often very approachable, and you can find contact information with some research on the platform. Curators want new and fresh music, so provide them with a link to your music a few weeks before your release date. Draft a professional and concise e-mail with your background, links to music and social media pages, and what playlists you are specifically targeting. Tell them why your song is great for the playlist, talk about instrumentation, genre, topic, and whatever is relevant to that playlist.

Follow up

If your music gets placed on a playlist, share the news and promote the playlist on your social media pages. Tag the playlist curator when you share, to show them that you are invested in this relationship. If you did not get placed, follow up with the curators when you have something new, that might just be the song they're looking for!

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