Cat 5 2020-2021 Staff

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M'Lynn is a singer, pianist, and song-writer walking the lines between industry and artistry at University of Miami's Frost School of Music. She has been a member of Cat 5 for 3 years, beginning as social media director and becoming president her final year of university. M'Lynn's experience comes not only from hands on music business internships in Miami, but also from navigating the music industry as an independent artist through forming lasting connections, shopping major labels, executing playlist placements, and marketing/branding her own music. With these experiences, she is able to speak for the songwriters of Cat 5 and creating helpful resources, exposure, and guidance.

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Administrative Manager

Jada is an ambitious, fun-loving, passionate student from Prince George's County, Maryland. This is her 3rd year as an executive member of Cat 5 Music and it has been an amazing experience. Music is everything to her as she loves to sing and write music. Jada has been writing lyrics and poetry since she was 8 years old and has always known that she wants it to be apart of her life forever. Aside from music Jada loves spoken word poetry, anime, and finding a good book to read. She is also extremely passionate about helping others and won't stop until she can do all she can for the songwriters of Cat 5.


Director of Licensing

Joe DelloStritto is a motivated and goals-orientated student with music business interests in our increasingly digital world. While Joe enjoys rooting for New York sports, spending time with friends, and good food, he plans to eventually pioneer his own music business enterprise, whether it be an indie-label, publisher, management, or music law corporation.



Director of Business Affairs

Yoonsu is currently a first year graduate student enrolled in the Music Business and Entertainment Industry program at the Frost School of Music. She has previously attended Cleveland Institute of Music as a cello performance major and is now transitioning to the business side with a strong interest in the publishing field. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, cooking, and going out to find the best places to eat in Miami!

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Co-Director of Marketing

Dylan Wacksman is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Honolulu, Hawaii studying Music Business and Entertainment Industries and Jazz Guitar Performance. His goal is to be able to help independent artists in both a creative and business aspect, helping up and coming artists achieve their goals. In his free time, Wacksman enjoys skating, surfing, cooking, and making/playing music!


Co-Director of Marketing

Jillian is a singer-songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and professional performer from Boston, MA. Currently a senior at UM, she is majoring in Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship, with minors in Music Business & Entertainment Industries, Creative American Music, and Marketing. She goes by Jillian Dawn in her professional artistry and was signed to Cat 5 as a writer in 2017. Since her arrival at UM, she has released two singles, an EP, and an 8-track album, which came out in June 2020. Jill is looking forward to working with Cat 5 Music as the co-director of marketing and cannot wait to use her personal experience to help out the 2020 roster!

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A&R Representative

Jordi is a singer-songwriter from Queens with an interest in A&R and publishing, as well as cinematography and visual art; she really wants to bring other artists up and help them realize their full potential.


Co-Director of Social Media

Bella is a French major and a Music Business minor at the University of Miami. She is hoping to combine the two and work for an indie label in France after graduating in the spring. She has lots of experience in social media marketing and public relations. Bella likes listening to and making music and baking.

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Director of Creative Licensing

As a songwriter herself, Annie has always been interested about the music industry as a whole and has taken a special interest in music publishing since beginning at Frost. She is passionate about music and songwriting, and cannot wait to assist the Cat5 writers in getting their music out into the world.

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Events Coordinator

Elijah James is a multifaceted miami based music business professional. In his time working in the music industry his reach has spanned from large scale music festival production and artist management to songwriting. In his time at the Frost School of music, he is studying Musicianship Artist Development and Entrepreneurship with minors in Music Business, Creative American Music, Marketing and Mobile & Web Design. Elijah has worked closely with festivals in the US and abroad including III Points, Jamaica Fun In The Son, Reggae Sumfest and House of Creatives. He appreciates all styles of music, with a deep love for hip-hop, pop, rock, alternative, blues and Reggae. Currently, as a senior, Elijah is serving as Events Coordinator for Cat 5 in addition to being a songwriter on the Cat 5 roster.



Director of Communications

Nicholas (Cole) Kieffer graduated from UM in 2020 in jazz performance and is now back to get a music business masters degree. Cole is an accomplished upright and electric bass player who has played with artist of every genre. Cole is currently working on his own band “The Cole Kieffer Collective” which is playing all original music of Coles. Cole has also worked on various arrangements for songwriters, helping them turn a song they wrote on guitar/piano into a playable song for a full band. Currently he is working on film scoring by practicing writing scores for various commercials and films.

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