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Vintage Radio

Under the stage name Kiddo Dust, Kyle Root began his music career much like any other GenZ hopeful: voice memo raps which subsequently manifested into Garage Band tracks. However, Kiddo is anything but conventional. Since high school, he's undergone a modest rise from his SoundCloud origins, experiencing brief stints in the mainstream and garnering encouraging attention from different corners of the music biz. His song “For Worse Or For Better” was featured in the Lyrical Lemonade Blog, and hit single “All Good” has amassed more than one million streams, something he says his 16-year-old self would be “crazy proud” of. Originally from Norwalk, CT, Kiddo now refining his artistry from the sunny confines of Miami, Florida while attending the University of Miami. Diverse, yet pointed, Kiddo Dust works hard to blur the lines between genres and defy the norm, making music that has meaning.

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